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Drink Your Way to Weight Loss!

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Here is something you can do to start your day…

Its very simple – Start by drinking a glass of water now.  Go ahead, I will wait…… :-)

Hopefully you will drink a few more cups before the day ends, but this is your starting point.  As many of you already know, Water is the foundation of life! When you meet your required cups of water daily (8 cups minimum), it naturally helps you lose weight, improves your skin texture, flushes out toxins from your body and its definitely cheaper than juice or soda!

Your body simply can not carry out it’s necessary functions for good health without hydration. Sometimes it is hard to find time to drink specialty drinks such as protein shakes or fruit smoothies, but you can definitely sneak water in.  Always try to drink a glass of water before each meal, in between your errands and while you are getting ready for bed. 

If you take vitamins, its also good to drink a full glass of water instead of just enough to swallow them down.  After eating salty foods or anything else that promotes dehydration, you can always drink water in order to counter-act the effects.  It so simple but so necessary for you to reach all your fitness goals.  To learn more about daily lifestyle changes that will enhance your surgical results and change your life today, contact us at 212-289-3600 to book a consultation!

~ Until Next Time!
Jackie Morrison
Certified Group Fitness Instructor


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Young Face
Every day, tons of people deal with being dissatisfied with the reflections they see in the mirror. When unwanted physical features cause high levels of insecurity and low levels of self-esteem, it is clearly the appropriate time to make a change. Plastic Surgery procedures performed by the world’s leading plastic surgeons can provide the transformation that one needs to thrive and feel good about one’s image. Consulting with the right surgeon could get you on the road to beautification in no time. Dr. Norman G.  Morrison employs many types of corrective methods in order to provide his patients with the look and confidence that they’ve always dreamed of.

Cosmetic surgery has become hugely popular all over the world as it becomes more acceptable to improve the physical appearance of the body by correcting flaws. It is no longer considered taboo to alter our God given appearances. Breast augmentation procedures are very common amongst the women with small breasts. Such women would like to enhance their breast size so that they can have a more womanly and curvy figure. Breast implants can be either silicone or saline and while there are slight differences, using these implants are safe and they offer gratifying results. Recovery from most plastic surgery procedures only take a matter of weeks and patients can finally live with the new confidence and bodies that they have always wanted.

Flabby skin and excess fat are also some of the common issues that many people struggle with. At times, exercise and dieting fail to properly rid the body of fat, leaving no choice for some people but to seek help of an experienced surgeon to reshape their bodies. Plastic surgery can provide ways to help you look and feel your best. Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, can remove some of that excess fat in a quick and effective manner and as a result, patients can have flatter and firmer mid sections.

These days, plastic surgery can provide alterations to any part of the body.  You can even opt for Rhinoplasty to redefine the shape of your nose. And through the use of Botox, Dr. Norman Morrison can greatly minimize and even eliminate the deep lines and wrinkles of the skin. Botox treatment comes in the form of injections which can be regularly scheduled in order to keep the face looking young and fresh.

As we progress in age; the size, shape, and quality of our bodies also slowly change. This is the natural process of the body, but just because a person gets older doesn’t mean he or she has to look or feel old. They can utilize Plastic Surgery and experience its magic.

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Keep All Surgical Problems at Bay with Dr. Norman Morrison by Your Side

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Have you ever secretly dreamed of being featured on a top 10 list for having a great body? If you have, you aren’t alone! Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll be named Time Magazine’s most beautiful or featured on the cover of GQ, getting the body you’ve always dreamed of has never been easier. Just get yourself the best surgeon in town! He can work wonders for you.

In recent times, irregular and bad eating habits have been making people obese. Bad eating habits can even cause unattractive skin problems. Liposuction is a sort of surgery offered by the renowned plastic surgeon, Norman G. Morrison. It involves a method of suctioning out fat from various parts of the body and one of the best things about it is that it barely produces any after effects. In the early days, surgeries were painful and caused swelling and infections. Now, cosmetic surgery techniques are so advanced that severe scarring and unwanted results are a thing of the past.

Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Norman Morrison is a specialized expert who discusses all the vital information regarding the surgery with his patients prior to the procedure. Dr. Morrison uses all of the latest methods to ensure a hassle free process. Every invasive procedure is done with the intent of creating the absolute minimum amount of incisions necessary to complete the procedure successfully. As a certified doctor, Dr. Norman G. Morrison handles each of his patients with special care and sensitivity when discussing desired results during consultation. Women usually face problems when they need to undergo a breast surgery, but Dr. Morrison strives to make every patient as comfortable as possible.

Many women do not find it easy and comfortable to discuss their problems with their surgeons. The breasts are one of the most sensitive areas that some women have a hard time discussing. This is especially true when these women are insecure about their breasts being either too small or too large. In the case of too large, heavy breasts can cause a number of problems. The desired procedure for women in this situation would be a breast reduction. A plastic surgeon is the best person who can help you to overcome this situation. When it comes to down to augmentation of the breasts, you need to make it clear whether you wish to have a breast implant or an uplift of the breasts. Breast augmentation is easy these days. This procedure is also known as mammaplasty. There are no complications in undergoing this surgery and it is considered to be extremely safe.

To have the correct surgery done, it is advisable to consult the best surgeon at affordable costs. Choosing a bad surgeon can lead to excess swelling of the particular region where the surgery is performed, inflammation, bleeding and infections. Always make sure that you do the necessary research to guarantee that you are dealing with the best before making an appointment. With a wide range of services that include tummy tuck, facial rejuvenation, breast lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, brow lift and many more, Dr. Norman Morrison is more than happy to help you achieve your desired goals.

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Mishaps in Breast Reduction Gone Wrong Can Be Corrected by Plastic Surgery

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There are numerous women, these days, who decide to undertake breast reduction surgery. One of the obvious reasons could be that breast reduction is no longer considered to be taboo. Plastic surgeons are also helping out the renowned celebrities with various cosmetic surgery nuances. Women with large breasts usually face many problems ranging from callous comments to unwanted attention. Unfortunately in some cases, these women consult with the wrong surgeon offering plastic surgery. Undergoing a botched treatment may involve some of the common listed problems like:

  • Tribulation with the impact itself
  • Problems with the magnitude of the implant
  • Trouble with the choice of the procedure
  • Problems faced with healing

Dr. Norman Morrison is an outstanding surgeon who chooses the appropriate procedure and exact implant size. He uses innovative that help in healing the body externally as well as internally. Dr. Morrison can not only change your look, but can also help you to boost your self-confidence and make you feel and appear younger. These days plastic surgery has become an easy affair taking a few hours to get the entire procedure done.  A proficient surgeon, like Dr. Morrison, is capable of improving a body image and offers your body better proportions and dimensions. Choosing the right doctor for your breast reduction surgery is the most important thing. You just cannot walk into a cosmetic clinic and hire any surgeon who walks in.

The aspect of a patient’s safety undergoing breast reduction surgery stands paramount. Therefore, your doctor needs to be an expert, having safe expert hands, just like Dr. Norman Morrison. The top reasons why a patient should approach him for a breast surgery are:

  • He is a board certified surgeon with apt license and good medical background
  • Would fit your budget well
  • He is one of those maverick professionals whom people feel really comfortable to talk to
  • He has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years now.

Many patients have already undergone breast surgeries under the supervision of this gifted surgeon. If you are still pondering over which doctor you would like to proceed with, then it is the right time to have a visit to his clinic. His gracious and friendly approach is something that every patient has benefited from.

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