The Great Debate: Butt Implants vs. The Brazilian Butt Lift

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      Written by: Philip Morrison, Director of Sales

The great debate: Butt Implants vs The Brazilian Butt Lift. We get tons of inquiries from prospective patients asking which one is the best. So we here at Morrison Plastic Surgery decided to shed some light on the subject for all the prospective women looking to enhance their beautiful derriere’s.

So whats the answer? The quick and dirty answer is, the Brazilian Butt lift wins hands down!

Why, you ask? No problem, here’s the skinny (no pun intended) :-)

Why Implants are Bad

  1. Implants are a foreign substance: Because implants are a foreign substance there’s a greater chance they will be rejected by the body which can create serious complications and cause for the removal of the implants. With the Brazilian Butt lift, we use our own fat to do the enhancing and since the fat comes from our own bodies, there’s a 0% chance of the body rejecting it.
  2. Implants don’t pass the feel test: It’s well known that implants just don’t feel as natural as the real deal, and by real deal we mean our own fat. A good percentage of our booty’s are made up of, well, pure fat. So using fat seems to make the most sense.
  3. Implants can become very  uncomfortable: Think about it this way, you are putting two foreign, solid objects inside of your buttocks. It’s only natural that as you are sitting or lying down, you’ll notice it and may even feel it moving around. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, the fat that is used, naturally takes on the characteristics of where it is being injected so it will better assimilate to its new environment and behave as it should.

Other Facts Specific to the Brazilian Butt Lift

  1. As discussed in a prior blog the fat used to enhance the shape is taken from our own bodies, usually belly, flanks, arms, thighs, etc… So with this you get added body shaping and contouring that will add to the look of your new butt.
  2. Minimal Scarring
  3. Shorter Recovery period
  4. Less chance of infection and side effects
  5. Better look and feel

At Morrison Plastic Surgery, Dr. Norman Morrison does not use butt implants due to the amount of possible complications, side effects, and all the reasons discussed above. Feel free to contact your friends here at Morrison Plastic Surgery for more info!

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