Tips to guide you before getting inked to avoid regret

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As most of us have heard the phrase ‘think before you get inked’, quite often, how many of us have actually paid attention to it? The answer is certainly quite variable, since not all of us have the urge to get ourselves inked, or for that matter tattooed, and so the phrase really does not affect our lot that much.


However, there are many out there, who do have the passion to get themselves inked and that too with more than one tattoo on their body. It is important that such people must pay attention to such a phrase and consider the seriousness of what message it tries to convey. If you, by any chance, happen to be one such person who wants to get inked, or have already got it done, this piece of information is certainly worth reading, at least once.

First and fore most, look out for a professional tattoo artist who is of good repute and has excellent quality tools and a good work shop or parlor with proper hygiene maintained and seating arrangements.

Take time out and discuss the pattern you want to get as tattoo, and the specific area in your body where you want the tattoo to be inked in detail, with the professional artist. You can either draw your own pattern or ask your artist to draw it for you on paper.

Ask the artist to give you a print out or the page on which the design has been drawn, and take it home. Pin it strategically, maybe on any door, so that you can look at it consistently while you are at home. If you like it even after a few days, go ahead and approach the professional tattoo artist for your tattoo.

Before you take a call on getting a permanent tattoo, try to get a temporary design painted on your body. After a few days, if you still feel that you are comfortable with it, then only ask your tattoo artist to give you a permanent one.

Remember, the famous line,‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever? Well, the same applies to your tattoo design. If you pick a beautiful design , then you will always be happy, contented and full of joy after you have it inked onto your skin. But, if it is something that is not as good as it seemed to you earlier, or before having it on your body, and you start to regret, well, then all that can be said is -be careful next time!

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