Pre Surgery Checklist

Morrison Plastic Surgery understands the plastic surgery process can be overwhelming. Our team is here to guide patients through a seamless transition from their first consult all the way through post-operation. Here are things to expect before your procedure:

Consultation with Dr. Morrison 

Your first consultation will be with Dr. Morrison to consider all of your surgical needs. Plan to discuss your procedure options, pre-surgery requirements, and post-surgical considerations. Call 212-289-3600 to schedule your appointment for this week.

Meeting with Practice Administrator

Upon deciding to move forward with Morrison Plastic Surgery as your trusted practice, you will meet with our Practice Administrator regarding procedure timelines, costs, and all other relative information. 

Financing & Payment 

Once you have discussed and agreed upon the best surgical options, you will make payment arrangements with Morrison Plastic Surgery to ensure all costs are met prior to your surgicy date.  If you are interested in surgical financing, we offer 100% financing through CareCredit and a number of other organizations. Please visit to apply.

Complete Pre- Surgery List

Please click the link to the right to download the full list of pre-surgery considerations for your operation. This will include completion of demographic and medical history forms and blood work. As standard surgical practice, it is important that you: 

     • Please consult with your doctor regarding medications you may take the day of the surgery. 

     • Do not eat or drink after midnight the night prior to surgery. 

     • Do not eat breakfast or have anything to eat on the day of surgery. 

     • If you are going to take the medications the day of the surgery, do so in the morning with a small sip of water.

Please contact Morrison Plastic Surgery with any Pre-surgery questions you may have.